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      Soda 50Kg

      Soda 50Kg

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      Soda Bulgarian 50Kg

      + Origin: Bulgaria

      + Cover: 50 kg

      Appearance: A crystal, white powder, taste cooling. 
      Formulation : Na2CO3 Sodium carbonate is a component in the bleach formulation, which is a water-softening agent capable of precipitating calcium and magnesium ions from water. Calcium and magnesium, if removed, will combine with soap or detergent to form an insoluble residue that can stick to clothes and washing machines.

      – Melting temperature: 851 ° C (Khan) 
      – Boiling temperature: 1,600 ° C (Khan) – 
      Water solubility: 22g / 100ml (20oC) 
      – White powder, strong odor,

      – Application: Swimming pool water treatment, used in the glass industry, cillicat, cleaning. In the food industry.

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      VianPool Soda 50Kg VianPool Soda 50Kg VianPool Soda 50Kg VianPool Soda 50Kg

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