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How to treat water when the pool is moss

To ensure that algae does not grow, it is necessary to treat the tank with strong disinfection by chlorine weekly. The amount of chlorine in the tank must reach 300g / 100m 3 . Therefore the total amount of chlorine in the tank for each treatment is 0.5kg = 100 chloro 70%

Use racquet to get all trash, rod in the tank. Scour the walls and bottom of the tank, adding water to the tank. Run the pump system and check the spill collection system, collect the bottom of the tank and the nozzles to the water tank to see if it works well. If all works well, then work in the wash tank and drain the bottom of the tank.    

+ Running filter system. After the filter system runs for a few hours check the water quality, adjust the pH; alkaline. Adjust the water level, adjust the pH from 7.2 to 7.6; Increase pH by adding soda to water, reducing pH to Sodiumbisulfate. 
Chlorine in the tank, running a few hours adjust the excess chlorine to the standard (1-3 mg / l). 

2. Temporarily stop the water treatment. Swimming Pool
When necessary, do not use for long time. Do the following procedures: 
          – Adjust pH to 7.2 
          – 7.4 – Apply large chlorine to the tank (use SOCK IT), after putting the chlorine on running filter system 24 ÷ 48h to drain the bottom of the tank, lower the water tank and turn off the pump with the filter, flush the filter + pump. 
Close down and limit external impacts.

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