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What is the IP indicator of the lamp?

IP is defined by IEC, which regulates the level of protection of electrical equipment from dust and water. For example IP54, IP55, IP64, IP65


If you regularly make cost estimates for a building, there are devices that require IP54 protection. But you find out the only market that has IP55 type. So can replace it?

If you are a panel cabinet manufacturer, the owner requires you to produce cabinets for them to meet the IP44 standard. If you do not understand IP44 what you will not dare to take orders.

Understanding the IP protection level will help you solve these two problems well


The structure of the IP protection class for example IP54 includes: IP and 2 digits. The first digit (5) indicates the penetration protection against dust, the second digit (4) indicates the protection against penetration from water.


1  Said to prevent the penetration of solid objects greater than 50mm. Protection from objects (such as hands) touches the lamp parts by random. Prevents objects of size (diameter) greater than 50mm.

2  Indicates that it is possible to prevent the penetration of objects of medium size greater than 12mm. Prevents the penetration of fingers and other objects with medium size (diameter greater than 12mm, length greater than 80mm).

3  Said to prevent the intrusion of solid objects greater than 2.5mm. Prevents objects (such as tools, wire or the like) of diameter or thickness greater than 2.5 mm to touch the interior of the lamp.

4  Said to prevent the penetration of solid objects greater than 1.0mm. Prevents objects (tools, strings or the like) with diameter or thickness greater than 1.0mm touching the inside of the lamp.

5  Indicates dust protection. Prevent the full penetration of the solid, it can not prevent the penetration of dust completely, but dust penetration does not affect the normal operation of the device. 
6  Indicates full dust protection. Prevents the penetration of objects and dust completely.


0  indicates no protection.

1  Only prevent the penetration of drip water. Droplet drops (such as rain, without wind) do not affect the operation of the equipment.

2  Only prevent water penetration at a 15 degree angle. Or when the device is tilted 15 degrees, dripping water will not cause any harm.

3  Indicates that it may prevent the penetration of small, light rays. Equipment can withstand the trickle of water, live faucets at less than 60 degrees (such as rain accompanied by strong wind)

4  Indicates to prevent the entry of water from the nozzle in all directions. 

5  Said to prevent the infiltration of large water nozzle pressure in all directions.

6  Indicates that it is possible to prevent the penetration of large waves. The device can be mounted on the deck, and can withstand large waves.

7  Indicates that it is possible to immerse the device in water for a short time in small water pressure. 
8  Indicates that the equipment can function normally when soaked in water at a certain water pressure, and to ensure that there is no harm caused by water.

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