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Choose a filter for your pool

The pool filter keeps your pool clean. Without a filter for swimming pools, your pool will never be clean and clear. After a few days of pumping water into the lake it will be green and totally opaque. hour

So, now we introduce you some basic filter types so that you have the right choice for yourself 

Sand Filter – Use cat to filter dirt 

Easy to use and low maintenance 
Sand filters are the most cost-effective option. We like to mention them as the “lazy man” filter, not because they are lazy, this filter is simple in operation and hygiene. Sand filters work by pushing pool water down through thick sand to filter fine particles and other debris. Once the water passes through the sand it will be kept dirt and fresh water!

Cleaning hygiene when the filter is dirty

The hygiene of these filters just needs to be reversed. Reverse washing of a multi-function valve (6-door) mounted on the filter in backwash mode, for the water pump will push the dirt out of the dirty drain line.

High Rate Sand Filtering is about 20 microns.

 DE Pool filter

High maintenance and strong
DE filters use Diatomaceous Earth which is fine fossilized diatomite of prehistoric freshwater algae. In sorrow, it is a fine white powder to filter the water. Inside a DE filter there are grids, which sticks to the powder. Water is passed through the powder and grids, then back into your pool. After a short time because it filtered very well, it was fast. As the pressure rises in the tank, you will need to reverse it. When you wash back a DE filter, most if not all DE powder is lost. When you start your filter back, you will need to add more Diatomaceous Earth to the filters by adding the recommended amount through your skimmer. This filter requires more work but it has a heck of a job cleaning your pool. Be very careful handling Diatomaceous Earth. It is a known carcinogen (carcinogen) and must be treated with a mask to avoid breathing dust. DE filter, when properly precoated, filters as low as 3 microns but typically around 7 microns.

When calculating the cheapest, standard usage conditions, a sand filter ratio is much higher than the others in savings and you will cost about 25% of the area of ​​a cartridge filter during the 20-year life span. Its a normal year.

Filter Cartridge pool

The Best of Both Worlds 
Cartridge Filter provides the ease of a sand filter with good power cleaning of a DE filter. The Cartridge Filter contains a giant circular paper-like filter, just as you would find in a vac-shop system or home fireplace. They are super easy to clean. Just pull the cartridge out of the filter and tuck it down to rinse. Pretty simple! Depending on how much usage you are getting out of it, you may need to replace the cartridge every few years if not more. Make sure you price them out before buying filters in case they are out of your price range. These filters filter at 20 microns.

  Earth diatomite is the best filter aid / clarifier in a cartridge filter. Its also the cheapest!

In short we look at three different types of filters on today’s pool market. Now that you are familiar with each person, you can make a decision based on your needs and desires. We hope you choose wisely!

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