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Water pipe penetration through the floor
  1. Concrete surface requirements before handover for  waterproofing :

– Removal, removal and removal of obstacles: formwork, wood, steel, cast iron, stagnant water …

– Concrete defects such as holes, pits, etc. should not be covered by cementitious mortar before application of waterproofing.

– Do not use water to mix cement powder to soak or sweep cement tank maintenance items before the waterproofing treatment.

– Coat and use a cutter or wind cut stone to remove excess steel beads on the concrete floor to a depth of at least 2cm compared to the concrete surface.

– Concrete drainage pipes or concrete boxes should be located and installed with a minimum of ½ of concrete. The technical boxes in the toilets (if any) and walls should be built and plastered cement mortar at least 30 cm high to reinforce the waterproofing with concrete floors.

  1. Construction process of waterproofing:

Preparation of surface waterproofing

– Chisel, chisel clean cement mortar layers, excess concrete to the surface of concrete concrete structure by hand tools: hammer hammer, chisel hammer, nose chisel …

– On the surface of structural concrete, check and chisel open the mouth of large cracks or penetrating the floor (if any) in the groove width 1-2cm, 2cm deep. Chopped wood chips, paper, impurities left on the concrete surface, especially at the corner of the wall cover with concrete floor.

– The pits, pockets, holes … will be chiseled to remove the adhesive, wide and deep chisel to the solid concrete.

– Around the mouth of the drainage holes through the concrete floor (if located right in the process of pouring concrete, but not installed water stop products), chisel 2-3cm wide, 3cm deep to receive Many waterproofing, installation of barred water bar (Hydrostatic bar) and reinforced with non-shrinkage compensated mortar.

– Use a hammer with a thin and sharp steel blade to check and clean all chemicals, paint, impurities, cement glue, excess cement penetration or adhesion on the surface of the concrete structure to treat waterproofing.

– For slabs of concrete or footprints around the balcony floor, roof floor, roof welcome lobby (20-30cm height) will be cleaned impurities, dirt to treat the waterproofing consolidation. with concrete floor. In case the concrete floor is deflected floor (WC area, sloping roof), apart from the ridge of reinforced concrete, the edge of the wall of the building brick mortar right above will be treated reinforced with high waterproofing. Minimum 20cm (to avoid water splashes use later practice).

– Grinding the entire surface to be treated with a grinding machine with iron brushes to remove all the impurities, dirt left to have a clean surface, sure to permeate the waterproofing solution well. Thoroughly clean the dirt on the entire surface to be treated by a brush, scrub brush or hand blender.

– For drying of natural dry concrete surfaces or for drying wet areas on the surface with a hand blown machine.

II. Construction process of  waterproofing :

– With the construction of the piping through the floor or the technical boxes should be very careful because with these joints with the cardboard without experience and without good materials will not be able to thoroughly handle is permeable through these positions.

Step 1: Apply

– Use a chisel or drilling machine to chisel excess concrete and chisel grooves around the pipework through the floor and technical boxes.

– Clean the concrete and perforated concrete walls with brushes, brushes, dust blowers or specialized chemicals, if any.

– Wrap swing bar (bar Hydro) around the joints, neck tube

– Pour non-shrink grout (grout grout) to seal the grooves, holes were chiseled

– Use additional sealing products if necessary.

Step 2: Points to note

– Before the application of waterproofing products, the requirement to clean the surface is required

– Need to use the right materials to achieve the best results.

– Maintenance work should be carried out to compensate the areas to create the surface and avoid cracking after construction.

III. Note them

For specific waterproofing cases, customers should contact us for better advice before construction.

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