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Settings Valveof the sand filter
the six settings of the sand filter
The sand filters always have a six-port valve with different settings. We would like to explain what each setting does.
1. Filter: This is what your sand filter does 99% of the time, it filters the swimming pool water.
2. Waste: In this position, the water runs directly out of the filter, bypassing the sand. This is only used when the pool is very dirty and thorough pool cleaning is necessary. Please note: this setting actually empties your pool.
3. Backwash: This is a short cleaning cycle of the sand to improve filtration (see ‘Maintenance of your swimming pool filter’). It is recommended to do this once a week. The water is washed back through the sand in reverse order (from bottom to top), removing the dirt from the filter material.
4. Rinse: This setting is used directly after backwashing. Allow the water to run through the filter from top to bottom for 30 seconds while the water is drained into the sewer system. This ensures all the sand is put back in place and that any remaining dirt is drained away, as in the ‘waste’ position.
5. Circulation: The water runs from the pump directly back to the swimming pool without going through the pool filter. This means the water isn’t filtered.
6. Closed: All ports are closed. If your pump is still on, make sure to switch it off within seconds as the pressure builds up incredibly fast! This setting is generally used when servicing the pump. This way no water can come back to the pump from the sand filter when you switch off the pump for a while.
Maintenance of your swimming pool filter
A swimming pool filter generally needs very little maintenance. You should clean the filter every week by performing a backwash for about 5 minutes. Then set the filter to ‘Rinse’ to quickly wash away any dirt.
After 5 years you will need to replace the sand in your filter. By then the top layer of the sand is more difficult to penetrate because of accumulated matter. The sand filter can therefore become clogged, increasing the pressure inside the filter and reducing the filter’s flow rate. Not replacing the sand may result in your filter breaking down completely. 


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