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what is a smart pool?

What is smart pool? How much do we make it smart?

The swimming pool has automatic filtration system or semiautomatic level of automatic as we can think it is a good product!

Pools need the most basic equipment

+ Dedicated pumps for swimming pools

Sand filter / catridge

+ Water treatment equipment

+ Piping system of filter system and accessories

+ System control cabinet

The swimming pool also includes this equipment but it works better!

A. Intel pumps 2 levels of automatic speed and high control

Intel Pentair-USA pumps

+ Easy to adjust various power from 10 – 35 m3 / hr, with the controller mounted on the pump body

+ High power saving power 

B. Sand Filters 

When the water filter is dirty, we need to clean it to continue filtering, with the filter cartridge you have to clean manually, with the sand filter you only rotate the valve 6 to wash back if you want the filter itself. backwash

 The filter is fitted with automatic sand washing

C.  Water treatment equipment

The filter only works to filter dirt and debris, to clean water we have to treat it with chemicals or ozone, electrolysis.

With new electrolysis technology to make chlorine ions – from salt to help you process water in the most effective way and limit the use of chemicals CLORIN to sterilize.

D. Automated control system

A perfect pool should be a condition system convenient and easiest to use

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