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Basic criteria assess standard spa design

What are the basic criteria for a standard spa design?

1. Space 

Normal, space of spa room the space of a spa room is divided into two types of common space and space of the room. The general requirement for both is that privacy, sound insulation to ensure that all communication, customer talk will not affect other customers.

2. Harmonic color

The combination of the color of the spa so that the most harmonious, friendly with nature, the environment is most customer service appreciated. Colors can be flexible between natural colors like cream, brown, green or depending on the message of the spa. However, with warm colors such as orange, green banana bananas spa should be avoided instead use brown, cream, pink chalk, dark green.

3. Equipment and service

With a spa whether simple or high-quality services, the spa needs standard equipment. In many cases, in order to save maximum equipment, you can also use equipment with legs and high enough, with wheels to move easily.

About the serivce, Each spa will have a variety of services including Body, Massage, Service Pack for face, neck, hands and body. There will depend on the five elements, each customer will choose the service according to his destiny. A basic spa package includes: massage, jacuzzi, sauna, meditation. Depending on the requirements of each customer, the spa will provide the best possible service for them with their best services.

4. Aromas

One of the criteria spa focus is aroma. Essential oil with a pure scent will stay long as well as deep into the body. At the same time, do not use chemical sprays.

Each massage package will have different types of oil to suit the needs. You can use Ylang Ylang essential oil, Tea tree essential oil, Lavender essential oil, etc. And pure essential oil is an important weapon in evaluating spa.

In addition to the four basic spa design criteria above, there are many other standards that are offered. Be smart find yourself a suitable investor to get a Spa system good.

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