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10 most attractive swimming pools in Hanoi

In hot summer, many people think of the swimming pool when they need to find the ideal place to relieve stress, “cool down” quickly and improve health significantly but the cost is quite comfortable.

When hot weather lasts, the density of people go swimming so high, many swimming pools become overloaded, dirty pool water, high risk of infection are lurking. Many families find it difficult to find a swimming class for their children or find it difficult to find an ideal swimming pool that suits their needs. Here are 10 tips to choose from.

1. Water Sports Palace

Swimming enthusiasts have a common comment that: “This is just to swim, but the pool is just a bath.” Swimming, summer water as cold as spring water, wide space. … is really the ideal place for those who want to try swimming.

10 most attractive swimming pools in Hanoi

“This is the new meaning of swimming, but the tank is just bathing.”

Aquatic sports facilities

– Opening hours: The morning from 6h – 7h30, afternoon 2 from 16h30 – 17h50 and 18h ​​- 19h30.

– Price: If swimming in the house, the price for one shift (90 minutes) with adults is 50,000 VND / ticket, children 30,000 VND / ticket.

– Address: National Sports Complex opposite My Dinh Stadium (Tel: 04.37850164).

Here, complete water filtration system with a capacity of 900m3 / h, 4 hours filtration cycle, flow rate of 30m3 / m2 plus automatic drainage system helps the pool is always clean, clear water pond Looking down to the bottom, many swimmers are relieved to be concerned about potential skin diseases through pool water.

From 25/05/2010, Water Sports Palace has opened two classes of swimming, “clear blind” swimming for more than 600 teenagers. There is a swimming pool dedicated to swimming, and children’s recreation and recreation activities, which are increasingly attracting families to take their children to school. The price for the 15 sessions is 800,000 VND.

According to Tran Manh Dung, head of the management department of Aquatic Sports, said: On normal days in May – August, the average number of visitors about 500 people. However, on weekends or holidays, this peak number reaches more than 1,000 visitors.

2. Swimming Center of Women and Development

Located on the 4th floor of the Center for Women and Development Building, from the pool you can enjoy a panoramic view of romantic and romantic West Lake.

10 most attractive swimming pools in Hanoi

Clean, spacious, comfortable, swimming pool 20 Thuy Khue is rated as the most attractive indoor swimming pool in the near future.

Although the new opening less than 2 months but the number of frequent visitors to relax and practice more and more. Considered by the experts as the “one-of-a-kind” public swimming pool in Hanoi with a length of 33m, width of 17m, depth of 1m3 to 2m, the pool manager is trying to perfect the service to achieve Standard 3 – 4 star swimming pool.

Swimming Center of Women and Development

– Opening hours: From 6h00 to 22h00

– Price: There are many different price brackets, will be preferential depending on the number of swimmers in the group. General price for adults: US $ 8 / day & US $ 140 / month, children under US $ 1.30 / day and US $ 85 / month.

– Location: 20 Thuy Khue, Tay Ho, Hanoi (Tel: 04.3728 2581)

Ms. Nguyen Hoai An (Ba Dinh, Hanoi) in a swim with you commented: “The advantage is that the pool is 4 seasons, covered, you will not be afraid of sunshine and can swim any time in In addition, the modern Aerobic Gymnasium and the attentive style of the service, the clean water will ensure hygiene, I really have some relaxing moments under the water. “

Parents can also bring children to play here because there is a semi-circular swimming pool, area of ​​55 – 60m2, depth of 80 cm.

According to Ms. Do Lan Huong, Director of Thien Loc Trading and Services JSC, pool owner: On weekends, visitors rushed to this place from 250 to 300 guests, many days overload, swimming pool must closed the door, not the sea to receive more guests to ensure the best service to the user. On weekdays, the atmosphere is lighter, ranging from 100 to 150 guests.

Ms. Huong also revealed: “The Center will build the elevator, customers will be more convenient to travel, and will further promote the massage service.

Swimming Pool in Ciputra

Beautiful water, clean water, attentive service that is the advantage of 4 swimming pools located in the South Thang Long Ciputra. These are also considered as the top pools in the water quality in Hanoi. However, Truong Quoc Viet, head of the entertainment and recreation department of Nam Thang Long, remarked that the swimming pool only serves residents or friends of the residents of Nam Thang Long urban area.

10 most attractive swimming pools in Hanoi

Residents of Nam Thang Long urban area enjoy a “rent” that many people must envy: Being immersed in the blue water in the Ciputra pool.

Swimming Pool in Ciputra

– Opening hours: From 6:00 to 21:00.

– Ticket price: 40.000 VND for both adults and children.

4 swimming pools with the same specifications: Length 25m, width 10m, depth 1m4 – 1m6, circulating water filtration and automatic chemical magnets ensure water hygiene. Residents and members come to this bath using free towels, dressing area is comfortable, clean, guests not too crowded, only about 300 guests per day.

Many swimmers happily said to each other, “If you want to swim in Ciputra, only the way to buy a house here or find a friend living in this pull me to go.”

4. Swimming Pool Hotel Horizon

Horison is one of the very few 5-star hotels open wide for individual guests to join the pool.

Due to the large number of customers, the demand for swimming pools in summer is so great that many swimming pools in high class hotels like Daewoo, Sofitel Plaza, … have closed for retail customers not long ago.

10 most attractive swimming pools in Hanoi

The Horizon Hotel is one of the few remaining open swimming pools to welcome large outdoor guests and is a great choice for parents.

“The deepest depth is 90cm, between 1m2, the deepest 1m6, although the area is small but the pool has a plus point.

Hotel Swimming Pool Horizon

– Opening hours: From 6:00 to 22:00

– Fare: Daily: $ 12 / person (not including 10% tax); Monthly ticket: 150 USD / person / 1 month; In addition, guests can use sauna, aerobics, aerobics, package price 20 USD / person / day. With only VND2,600,000 ++ for summer sessions, you will be offered 20 swimming sessions Monday through Saturday with flexible time frames.

– Location: 40 Cat Linh (Tel: 04.37330808, ext: 46501)

beautiful grounds, separate bath room, many children’s rooms, outdoor swimming pool of international standard, elliptical design, water in the picture float flower bottom eye-catching, around the decoration of the rope line climbing pretty, “Vu Tuyet Mai (Ba Dinh, Hanoi) shared the feeling about the swimming pool Horison Hotel.

The hotel regularly organizes swimming lessons for young children. According to Ms. Ha, the staff in charge of the swimming pool here said: “The majority of customers choose the service here often do not care about the price, but only care about the services, as well as the quality of the tank swim. Customer safety and health are always top priority. ” Currently, the hotel is holding 4 swimming classes, each with about 20 children. On weekdays, the pool receives about 130 – 150 guests, while on winter, the number can be up to 200 guests.

5. Sheraton Pool Hotel

Not only for guests, the Sheraton Hotel’s pool also offers incentives for members who regularly use the services of the pool. The Sheraton Hotel has two swimming pools: adult pool (25m in length, depth from 1m2 to 1m4), children’s pool (circle, depth 40 cm) .

10 most attractive swimming pools in Hanoi

With 450,000 VND, you can swim in the Sheraton’s 5-star pool.

According to Nguyen Hien Bang, pool staff said: While not focusing on the customer to swim but the Sheraton pool also has a large membership class members make frequent to swim, mail relaxation and training. According to him, pool cleaning as well as daily chemical treatment is strictly implemented in accordance with international standards.

– Opening hours: 6:00 to 22:00 (Monday to Friday); 7:00 am to 9:00 pm (for Saturday and Sunday) 
– Ticket price: 450.000 VND / day / person; 36,950,000 VND / 12 months / person (price include Gym, Sauna, Jacuzzi). – Location: 11 Xuan Dieu, Tay Ho, Hanoi

6. Thang Loi Hotel Swimming Pool

On each weekend, Nguyen Thuy An (home on Yen Phu Street, Tay Ho) led his husband and son to the Thang Loi Hotel pool to enjoy the relaxing weekend break. She said: “The thing I like best here is the comfortable bed, clean and empty. Calling a cup of coffee, sip morning under the sunshine of the sun through the foliage, watching the West Lake to see all the interesting, peaceful place in the crowded capital.

10 most attractive swimming pools in Hanoi

Lie on the chair, sip a cup of coffee and enjoy the view of West Lake, which is the best thing to do when swimming in the Thang Loi Hotel swimming pool.

According to Hoang Quoc Viet, a young swimmer, this small tank (25m long, 12.5m wide) is suitable for people who like to sunbathe, soak. In contrast, this pool is quite deep (1m2 – 2m2) so the family with small children should not take baby to bath together.Great scenery, airy plus rare enthusiasm of the staff here is The reason why there are about 50 visitors coming to this service everyday, the weekend up to 150 guests.

– Ticket price: 50.000 VND / pass for adults; 30.000 VND / time for children under 1.2m 
– Address: 200 Yen Phu, Tay Ho, Hanoi

7. Swimming Pool Hotel Intercontinental

The Westlake InterContinental Hanoi Westlake is considered to be a “unique” hotel designed with contemporary European architecture, combined with the charm of the West. transfer, subtleties bring the sound of Vietnamese culture.

The Intercontinental pool is also ranked first in five star hotels in Hanoi. “I used to swim in many places, but this is probably one of the cleanest and cleanest swimming pools in Hanoi, close to the West Lake, very open and romantic space,” Nguyen An (resident Tay Ho district).

Adult swimming pool with length of 20m, width of 20m, depth of 1.45m, swimming pool with size 10 x 10m, depth of 45 cm with the international standard water quality assurance, customer It is hard to complain about the Intercontinental service.

10 most attractive swimming pools in Hanoi

Intercontinental Pool between sparkling, fanciful West Lake

Ms. Doan Kim Thu, PR manager of Intercontinental Hotel said: In addition to meeting the swimming needs of guests to book a hotel, Intercontinental swimming pool also accepts members. However, slightly different from other luxury hotels, the Intercontinental swimming pool is only open for annual bookings, but not for bookings or day tickets.

– Fares: There are two rates for customers to choose: $ 2,500 / year / person and $ 3,500 / year / person associated with different interests. 
– Address: 1A Nghi Tam, Tay Ho, Hanoi (Tel: 04. 6 2708888)

8. Asean Hotel Swimming Pool

Located on the top floor of the Asean Hotel, is a quiet place, not too crowded, guests can rest, relax completely in the clear blue water.

25m long, 12.5m wide, the lowest depth is 1m2, the highest is 1m9. Families with children can organize swimming for children here because Asean has a pool for children (70 cm deep).

10 most attractive swimming pools in Hanoi

Asean swimming pool with ideal lighting is a great place for swimming in the evening.

The number of people to swim is not over 300-500 daily. “The pool has an intelligent water treatment system that makes the swimmer feel comfortable, relaxed and clean, and a special place for me as well as many others: it’s a great place to swim. In the evening, by the full lighting system and serving drinks, great cocktails satisfy all the guests’ needs, “said Bui Huy Tuan (Alley 93, Hoang Van Thai, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi) after many times. go swimming has evaluated.

– Opening hours: 5:30 am to 9:00 pm – Ticket price: Adult and children over 1m3: 70.000 VND / ticket; Children under 1m3: 50,000 VND. 
– Location: 8 Chua Boc, Dong Da, Hanoi (Tel: 04 3852-9108)

9. Pool Hotel Army

We were at the Army Hotel swimming pool at 4:30 pm on June 30, despite the little sunshine at the end of the day but the parents, who live in the district of Hoan Kiem led children to swim here. The childish noise, loud screaming vibrant a corner of the sky. Every child drops their strength, splashes water on each other. Occasionally, some fathers and mothers are instructing their children to practice swimming.

10 most attractive swimming pools in Hanoi

With the advantage of a salt water pool, the Army Pool Hotel attracts many families for their young to play and relax.

With a width of 10.5m, 20m in length, depth from 1m – 2m4, the advantage of this swimming pool is the saltwater pool, quite clean, has a spacious car parking, dedicated service, chu .

During the summer holidays, many families are struggling to find a playground for their children, short swimming pools, not as deep as the Army pool hotels are the ideal destination.

– Ticket price: Children over 11 years old: 70.000 VND; from 2 to 10 years old: 40,000 VND; Swimming Pool Cards: VND 820,000 applies for 30 boxes (one to two tiles for each age). 
– Address: 33C Pham Ngu Lao, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi

10. Tay Ho Pool

An outdoor swimming pool located on the premises of Tay Ho Hotel is open in the summer to serve the needs of crowded people when hot sun.

The size and quality of the water can not be compared to the above mentioned swimming pools, but this is also a familiar place in the list of the most popular pools of people around the area. “The first thing people value is having a lot of toys such as shoes, skates, swings … for kids. Second is affordable and there are many incentives for people. regularly swim, “said Do Lan Ha, who regularly bring his son to swim here.

According to Nguyen Quang Hiep, a staff member of the Tay Ho Hotel, who also manages the swimming pool, in addition to the small number of visitors staying at the hotel, the majority of the people come from the civilian population, % compared to adults.

10 most attractive swimming pools in Hanoi

Tay Ho Swimming Pool – one of the popular swimming pools.

The Tay Ho Pool consists of two tanks: a rectangular tank and a curved tank. The adult tank is 25 x 13m, the water volume is 500m3, the children’s pool has a depth of 70 cm to 2 m, the water capacity in the tank is 350m3. Mr. Hiep said that in addition to the automatic filter system, every day every day, the water supply is from 30 to 40m3.

With large space, located right next to West Lake, this pool attracts 200-300 guests per day, the weekend up to 1,000 guests.

– Opening hours: From 5:30 am to 9:30 pm  
– Admission fee: Adult: 40.000 VND / time; Children under 1.4m: 20,000VND / visit. Monthly fee: 800.000 VND / adult & 400,000 VND / child under 1.4m.- Location: 58 Tay Ho (Tel: 043.8232381)

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