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To leave the most peaceful home we will be able to learn to live alone. Our childhood was covered, wrapped in the arms of his parents, under the warm house. We have not seen how the outside world is going. Then, as he grows up, he farewells his family to a new horizon.

There is love there, happiness there, sweet but bitter, stumble, pain is also filled with rage. So learn how to throw yourself into the stormy life? Not to be surprised when life is not dream.

Throw yourself into the stormy life

So when the night of winter comes, someone who has stepped out of my life will still be able to courage to walk alone when the sky is raging. Happiness, love, separation, farewell, the boundaries are fragile, so blurred. The man did not love me anymore, his shoulders cold, the kiss yesterday bitter on the lips in the tears fall for the old memories.

Well, what is old, who is far away, love has cooled, do not embrace that hurt that hurt the present. Accept that heartless, emotional will grow up because of the pain we have to have sometimes make the heart less foolish. Do not be afraid to hurt again, do not let your soul be shortened, just open your heart to love, despite knowing that thorny more. Put yourself in the place where love is not so safe to search for real happiness!

Throw yourself into the stormy life

To be successful, only to be caught up in the distance, who was hastily shut down, still believed in himself. Success is not easy, sometimes have to trade a lot of new things. What have we exchanged that are worth as the ultimate destination?

Perhaps this is no longer important because not all things carry a value that can be exchanged. The road ahead we go to many thorny, but if you do not try to set foot on it once you can feel the taste of success. Go on boldly walk, it will be hard, bitter but only then we can see life is worth living and cherish.

The life ahead we have to go to many challenges, arduous. Courage to throw yourself into the market, not so smooth to see the value of life just stop when not dare face reality.

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