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Learn how to Frog

Frog swimming is a traditional type of swimming has a long tradition. This swimmer simulates the frog’s underwater movements. This is a popular swimmer for many swimmers with the desire to exercise. Frogs are not as fast as other types of swimmers, but this does not mean that frogs can not bring in strength and speed. In addition, this is the basic swimmer for beginners for the following reasons: – Easy to analyze movements. – Collaborate easily, rhythmically with the breath. – The person is free because they have time to rest while swimming. – When swimming, people practice standing in the water (floats when a swim stops) easily, as a basis for learning other types of swimming.

Basic Frog Swimming Technology: 
Stage 1: Ground Frog Legs. When practicing swimmers, always practice the forefoot. After the foot massage is mature, the hands and finally the legs and hands coordinate breathing.

1. Sit on the tank wall, with two hands behind the back, slightly backward, two legs and two feet straight, but comfortable (no hardening). 
2. With two legs up, two thighs and two knees slightly extended to both sides, two feet still straighten.

Step 2: Spread your legs and bend the sides of your foot toward the outside 

4. Stepping on the two sides
5. After stepping strongly (straighten two legs) to two sides, immediately closed fast two feet close together, feet straightened as the first and so on repeatedly to master.
To memorize these four actions, you need to memorize the shortcuts. Co … bend (break your feet up and to the sides). If you are the instructor, you should shout 4 letters. Co … Breaking … Breaking … for the learner to remember and practice in bulk. 
Stage 2: Underwater frog leg. After you have mastered the land, then you go to the water to continue. 1. If you are the instructor: You put the practitioner lying face down in water, two hands firmly grasp the tank, straighteners. Then, you grab two feet of the exercise to guide them to perform frog leg movement: Co … Break … Step … Close
2. If you are an apprentice: Take a tank wall or grasshopper, or set foot on a frog’s leg after crossing a horizontal water tank (water level should not be deep, dangerous).
After you have practiced the right foot, you can practice in shallow water level horizontally with the tank: surf the water about 1m, then kick the frog leg and continue swimming, swimming back and forth in the water tank Lower abdomen until swim movement is smooth.
Stage 3: Frog on land. 
1. Stand stooping forward. Head slightly bent, eyes looking straight, legs spread wide with shoulders, arms stretched forward, palm face down.
2. Two hands are strong to the sides and down, the palms facing the sides, head up, mouth open breathing. 
3. When the two arms to the shoulders, immediately closing quickly, collecting the elbow bark) close together and straight forward as the original posture. To be easy to remember, you just practiced the following: Strong paddle (or strong) … Fast stretch … straightening … And so on until the practice . 

Stage 4: Frog hand underwater. 
1. Standing down, water on chest, frog fan under water as the land movement. 
2. Just walk the fan frog: When the fan under water is heavy and the forward glider is good. 
3. Breathing exercises when practicing frog hand:
– Bring your hands straight forward, blowing your head under the water with your mouth (blowing bubbles). – Pull the hands of the frog to crawl, airing his nose and nose. Just go under the water just practice the move. 
Stage 5: Combined hands and frogs breathing on land. 
1. Two hands folded in front of chest, two elbows close to each other, two feet wide with the shoulders and knees as the recitation of the Buddha. 
2. Stretching, stretching the legs and stretching straight two hands to the sky. (2-3-4 H below) 
3. Pull the two hands down to the shoulders, palms facing out (water fan). Head rising, breath open. (5-6)
4. Quickly fold the elbows near the chest, the shortened, the legs 2 down as the original posture. (H7) To make the student easy to remember and simultaneously, just do 3 short acronyms of movement: Creep + Drag + Closes (Strong legs 2, Pulling water to shoulder, Fast 2 elbows close to chest ).

Stage 6: Underwater frog motions, legs and hands combined breathing. When the exercise was smoothly coordinated on the land in the fifth paragraph, the implementation of the water is very easy as follows: 
1. Stand close to the tank, head to the water, two arms stretch, Prepare to step on the tank … (to surf). 

2. Stab into the wall of the tank and surf the water … and blow the balloon (exhale). 
3. Pull two arms across the chest (blowing the two sides, simultaneously open the mouth open mouth breathing).
4. Quickly fasten the elbows and put two hands close to the chest and shrink the two shoulders as the Buddha, while simultaneously holding two legs close to the butt as the original posture. And so continue the continuous movement for smoothly. To be easy to remember, you should remember the six short words: Strokes … Pull hands … Head quarters (out of the water, breathing mouth open).
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