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How the sauna to use effectively?
How to use the sauna?
For a long time, people have used the method of sauna to care for health and improve the skin. In the past, they used rudimentary tools such as a pot of boiled water and fresh herbs to create water vapor when inhaled. As the society grows, health care by this method is also interested in investment, the equipment to support the sauna gradually improved modern, so far the sauna and massage equipment Relaxation is integrated in a product called the sauna for the family. Family saunas include 2 steam rooms and a steam bath. Today’s article, we will introduce the steps to use the sauna (also known as saunas) in accordance with standards to bring the best health care.
Prepare before going to sauna
You should first bathe or clean your body before entering the sauna. This is necessary when the body is cleansed, enlarged pores are easier to breathe, easier to absorb oil in the room, and sweat is good and airy. On hot summer days you can bathe by swimming as well for sauna. Body cleansing is designed to help you get acquainted with the tremendous temperature changes in your room, a damp skin that is always easier to adapt to new environmental conditions.
It is best to wear thin clothing or a towel and pay a glass of water to replenish the body water, recovering enough water to drain when doing the sauna.
Sauna properly to bring the best care effect


Sauna properly to bring the best care effect
In the sauna
You can understand the simplest of the sauna is a bathroom with sweat. There is still a lot of people misunderstanding about this process of sweating, so often incorrectly used when poured two or three cold water into the rock when he was sitting on the couch. This is a sudden heat shock, which prevents the normal activities of the sweat glands. The body must be adapted to the environment slowly, so it takes time to sweat. The person sweats when their body temperature rises a few degrees and a self-inflicted fever. It takes 8-12 minutes for this process to happen, depending on the person. One thing to keep in mind is that increasing the temperature of the inhalation will not increase the speed of your body’s sweat.
In terms of temperature, we advise you to use the sauna room to keep the temperature at 80 ° C / 175 ° F. If the sauna is too hot and dry, the amount of sweat on the surface of the skin will dry out. You can continue to heal with the leaves of birch, cedar on the body, the process of sweat will be excreted fat and excellent way. It is also possible to add a few essential oils to create pleasant aromas in the inhalation room, but do not give too much because it is easy to cause shortness of breath.
Sauna time is about 20 minutes for healthy people and about 10 minutes for those who are weak.
Rest and eat snacks after the end of the sauna


Rest and eat snacks after the end of the sauna
After getting out of the emergency room
The rapid change of environment from hot to cold is very harmful to the body. You need to have a proper amount of time to adjust your body temperature before leaving the sauna. Cooling and resting is an essential part of saunas.
After getting out of the sauna, you should drink some water to compensate for the loss of water. Rest and relax in cool places and be sure not to take a bath right after the fire. You should eat a little light and drink, this will be an interesting end of a sauna health care.
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