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At the and of the life, what will you regret?

I have experienced so many unfortunate things in life and now in the age of near land, I like so many people. And I know the young people are in their 20s and 30s now, after twenty years they will say “I wish, it’s like …”

At the last moments of life, people realize that they are stupid not doing such simple work. The small but valuable things we have forgotten are instead the ambitions of the call of material.

Did you know that when the body regains its last breath, what will people regret and ponder for the most ? If you know this, you will be able to do it right now so that you do not have to step on their old path. Instead, you will be happy to close your eyes to the afterlife when your destiny ends.

i know 20 years… you will regret it!

The last regret of life

Years of caring for and close to end-stage patients, nurse Bronnie Ware (Australians) heard about their concerns or regrets for not being healthy. All the memories from the conversation are put into Bronnie recently published book entitled ” The top five regrets of the dying ” (roughly translated as ” the year’s most regretful thing is dying “). In it, the nurse describes in detail what people face when they are at the end of their lives. Through this we can learn and learn from each other.

Here are the five most common regrets , but most people say they want to change it if it is re-selected:

1. “I wish I had the courage to express my feelings”:

“Many people hold back their emotions just because they want to be in harmony with you. As a result, they have to live a normal life and not become the people they really want. Many people are so inhibited that resentment leads to illness. “

2. “I wish I had made myself happier”:

“This is a common regret. Surprised by the fact that many people did not realize this, finally happiness was a choice . They are trapped in old patterns and habits, which make them feel ‘artificial’. Fear has to change itself so that they have to pretend to live with others as well as themselves. “

3. “I wish I did not work too hard”:

“This is something I have been told from the men I have been treating. They missed the youth of the children as well as the conjugal relationship. Although female patients also talk about this, most of them are of the older generation, when women are not the breadwinner. Meanwhile, all the men I care for show a deep regret for being swept up to work. “

4. “I wish I had the courage to live a life of my own, not the life that people wanted me to be.”

Explaining this, the author writes: ” This is the most regrettable of all . When people realize that their life is about to end and look back at what has gone through. It is easy to see that half of those dreams are not fulfilled until they have to close their eyes even when they themselves have chosen. Health brings freedom but only a few people realize it until it’s gone. “

5. “If I Wish to Keep in Touch with My Friends”:

According to Bronnie, people often do not realize the importance and value of old friends until a few weeks before they die, but then they can not find it again. ” Many people are so passionate about cultivating their own lives that they forget about relationships with their friends. There are also deep regrets for not spending more time and effort on friends. They all remember their friends when they were going to die, “wrote the author.

Do you find yourself doing things that you are regretting? If so, you feel happy that I have known this information from a nurse full of love! And then, you help yourself get rid of those mistakes so you do not have to repeat the regrets like them.

And when this book came out, their readers were so touched by the words of their heart. Walking around the blogs of readers of this book, we found a very meaningful and profound article as follows:

Life is ours and only people know what they need from life. At 18, we stand in the midst of the different choices of life, the turns, the decisions that make many of us uncompromising in order to win the right to decide.

A singing singer told the priest: All my life I used to sing to feed my six children and the biggest wish of my life was to go to America to perform my favorite songs. and you did ! So I have nothing to regret it! Live and do the things you want to measure is the way to live not regret anything!

Knowing that it will take a long time to do what I want, but I will not give up my dreams and passion. Because once they are gone, my life will no longer matter! So I will live and do all I want to live a life without regret! Because I only have one life to be myself!

Not everyone is aware of this to live a life without regret! Many people who are leaving their lives are still regretting because they have lived such a tasteless and bland life! Why not live up to what you want to do now to regret it !

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