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The benefits of using the sauna and wet

In the past few years, the trend of using and installing saunas at home is a new trend. Steam has many benefits for the user, from health care as well as beauty to everyone, especially to the sisters.

The imported saunas and steam baths have been a strangle for many years at gyms, health clubs, spa centers and even in the evenings. Number of families with conditions, because the benefits it brings are not small.

Helps to relax the muscles and joints.

It reduces the risk of stress, fibromyalgia or arthritis. It also helps you recover muscles and joints with pain. 

Improving sleep quality

Using a dry or wet sauna helps your mind relax, create a sense of well-being, which can make your body and mind relaxed. Getting out of stress and relaxing can increase the quality of sleep. 

Support for sinus treatment and congestion problems 

Imported steam baths can help to dilute the mucus that causes you to get stuffy nose, throat blockage in winter. Spending time in the sauna will help you to easily remove sputum in the throat. Sauna in the sauna also helps you through the sinuses and makes breathing easier.

Reduce the risk of migraines and headaches.

Exercising too hard can cause your muscles to become stressed, leading to migraines and headaches. Sitting in the sauna can help you relax your muscles. 

Gives you a healthy complexion.

Pore-warming helps open pores, as you bathe to remove dirt and germs that hide in the skin. Sauna also helps you prevent acne and wrinkles. 

Improve blood circulation

Steam bath promotes the circulation of blood in your body. Saunas make your body heat up, within 10 to 15 minutes, your heart rate will increase from 50 to 75%, creating a sense of “artificial fever” to stimulate the immune system. Properly steaming helps you improve blood pressure and heart rate and can reduce the amount of fat in your thighs, abdomen and waist. 

Toxins excreted

Sauna is the best way to get rid of dirt out of your body. In the sauna, as the body warms up, circulating blood circulating in the body gradually increase the pace of excretion from the body. At the same time the process of nutrient transport is also stimulated during the excretion process. In addition, this process also makes the liver, kidney and heart function better. 

Minor notes on sauna:

  – After the sauna, absolutely not to bathe even with warm water or cold water. As the newly warmed hot pores will absorb water, bathing becomes clogged pores, water retention, stagnation, blood circulation decreased, causing body aches & pains. All can be infected, especially lung, and poor digestion.
  Avoid steaming when you have finished eating, have heart problems, or have high fever or are suffering from skin diseases. 
  – When inhaling, inhale gradually through the nasal passage, then gradually exhale through the mouth; After the fire, drink a cup of hot ginger tea mixed with sugar will feel refreshing.

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