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Some trends modern spa in Vietnam

Meet the high demand for relaxation and beauty of people, the spa center development increasingly professional and modern. Not only reduces stress, the spa services also help improve health and beauty quite effectively. According to research, the trend of successful people’s spa not only stop at the quality level but also advanced services and high efficiency.

Stress relief with massage stone therapy:

Therapy stress with massage stones, stones combined with essential oils are quite effective measures to relax, dispel fatigue, such as relaxing the neck, feet, wrinkles on the face, slimming calf, Helps the body to refreshing and helping to dissolve fat.

Massage stones here are the smooth surface, used as massage tools. They are heated / cooled to a moderate temperature and placed on the body tension. In cold state, massage stones dispel fatigue. When hot, it helps the muscles relax, bring relaxation.

Massage with essential oils:

Massage with essential oils is a specially designed massage system, combined with the use of pure essential oils to help relax, prevent and treat mental, physical and mental.

Massage with essential oils is commonly used in cosmetic treatments to increase circulation, provide oxygen and nutrients, and eliminate toxins from the body. This unique service helps the skin to be soft, smooth, bright pink, healthy, toned, acne (especially acne, pustules), melasma, weight loss.

Massage with herbs:

A method of skin care with herbs of various components such as: wormwood to help blood circulation; Lemongrass, eucalyptus for relaxing feelings; Ginger keeps the body warm and circulating all functions in the body, reducing bruises on the skin.

Herbal balm and skin moisture

The essence of skin care in herbs also helps to strengthen the skin, balance the moisture and protect from the impact of the environment. In addition to beauty and skin rejuvenation, camphor provides mild relief, relieve muscle tension and swelling. In addition, the line of spa products containing toxic waste is crystallized from the herbal essence, for example Dermafirm Detoxifying Massage Oil is one of the toxic waste stream when the massage is good for the body.

Relax and relax:

Sauna is the first choice for the spa, physiotherapy. Normally, you will go to the sauna, then transfer to the steam room. Sauna is the best solution to relieve stress and lose weight

Sauna is an effective way to lose weight and detoxify

There are two types of saunas: saunas and steambaths. The infrared sauna is a form of sauna, which uses infrared light to create heat, which is good and safe for health. Sauna is one of the methods used to detoxify the liver and fat. It stimulates the circulation of the outer cell layer, promotes metabolism, as well as detoxifies the body and is a powerful fat reduction solution. Steamed salts cause sweat, damp skin, toxins discharged through the pores, thereby smoothing the skin, the person who is suffering from cold will feel light after inhalation.

Today, to ensure no skin damage or the use of fat burning ingredients to burn fat to reduce fat, many lines of professional slimming cosmetics and safety was born also based on the same self. Combined with saunas, massage to eliminate fat through pores and capillaries.

And there are a lot of new methods being applied by the spas in making beauty trends, not only safe, not only beautiful, but also good for the health of the body.

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