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A new study from US researchers suggests that swimming in a pool will cause a number of health problems.

Scientists at Purdue University and the Chinese Agriculture University have recently warned that swimming in the pool will cause many health problems.
According to experts, the compound in the urine associated with chlorine can cause many adverse health effects such as genetic damage, causing asthma, cancer …
Discover the unexpected effects of urinating in the pool 1
To conduct the study, experts pooled water samples in China and conducted a series of laboratory tests. Members of the research team said that in addition to organic and disinfectant, pool water also contains sweat, hair, dead cells, urine and other products such as cosmetics, sunscreen … from people to the pool. 
These products are often rich in nitrogen, when combined with disinfectants, they can become chemically modified and metabolized into many other toxins.

Discover the unexpected effects of urinating in the pool 2

Chlorine used to disinfect the pool reacts with certain chemicals present in the sweat and urine of humans. Depending on the temperature, the pH of the water and the chlorine concentration, the uric acid found in the urine reacts with the cyanogen chloride (NCCl) byproduct, which is readily condensable and highly toxic. Cyanogen chloride can affect many organs in the body including the lungs, heart and central nervous system through the respiratory tract.
In addition, prolonged exposure to disinfectant byproducts can lead to genetic mutations, congenital malformations, accelerate the aging process, cause respiratory illness and even cause onset of disease. cancer. 
Discover the unexpected effects of urinating in the pool 3
Previous research has shown that the potential risk of nitrogen trichloride (or trichloramine) is generated when chlorinated water interacts with urine, sweat, and other organic substances that cause children. asthma, eye irritation, runny nose, loss of appetite …
Because the relationship between chlorine disinfectants and compounds in the urine will cause many health problems, experts advise swimmers to bathe before entering the pool to limit the substance. organic, thereby reducing the toxicity of swimming pool water. Or at any public swimming pool, there should be a sign that reminds guests of the potential damage caused by urination in the pool.
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