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Design and construction of resort swimming pool

Nowadays, the economy and human life have been improved, so the demands for physical exercise and sports have become bigger and higher, and swimming is one set. It can not be mentioned, because the swimming is very good for health, comprehensive development of muscles, joints. Two more to go to the swimming pool, the children of elementary school who do not know how to swim will have the opportunity to learn to swim very well so that the children will protect themselves, the master of nature, rivers. 

 Vinapool design is quite diversified in form and size: swimming pool for hotel, resort, swimming pool for luxury apartment, family pool …. Depending on the needs of guests. row.


Sample of resort swimming pool


We specialize in consultancy and construction of swimming pool applying the latest technology from Spain, Italy with professional design team, we can advise you to choose the space as well as pool type stars to suit your space and purpose.

– You want to own a pool for your own family.

– You want to own a four seater tank, indoor or outdoor pool

– Do you want to build a smart pool

– You are passionate about swimming and want to build swimming pools for business. 

– You want to advise on the design of pool construction to bring business efficiency.




With many years of experience in the design of swimming pool construction, smart pool design and the provision of swimming pool equipment with large and small projects nationwide.

The equipment used in our swimming pool construction is imported with absolute quality. Our products are highly appreciated by contractors and trusted for use in projects such as private swimming pool, hotel, resort to professional play.

You will be really secure when you entrust us to the project. Vinapool specializes in receiving swimming pool design and pool design consultancy, surely customers will not have to complain our service. For more information, please contact us at the following address.

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