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As directed by others, blindly that step forward, maybe the next step you will fall down, this fall will be very painful.


Behind every smile, what is hidden behind? Should not there be a true friendship, but only the eternal benefits? Live well, live beautifully because sinister and false will be false and fake.


Many people rely on their face to live, not knowing that they soon lived as temporarily as a dry corpse. So let’s ignore prejudice only to gauge human race in a hurry, there is no other classical philosophy from the ancients: “the epitaph, the mind, the mind, the mind,” drawing tigers draw skins, draw skeletons difficult to draw, know people know the face do not know the heart.


The woman who always relies on the last man will fall down, so, based on who is not based on yourself.


An honest enemy, more than a friend of a lie.


Humanity as an arena, not to greet the audience, you permanently do not know where to act or where.

So understand every step of the journey and destination. Perform good part, good part of the flowers, but do not agree, the last smile is the winning smile.


Men are bound to lose their freedom, the better the woman is to him, the more disgusted and troubled the woman is. If you are a woman, remember to never let a man feel satisfied, just like “a little bit of sunshine”


The scary thing is not really bad people, but good people are fake.


Each person’s starting point is the same, understand that life is inherently unfair, even equality if there is only relative. Do not give up if you do not have enough resources.


When you are counting with others, there may be someone who is thinking about you.


When building the light for yourself, can you avoid the harm of others in the dark? So understand that love also has paradox, happiness as a blanket, pull this person enough, the other lack. You have to fight but do not be greedy. You can not enjoy all the light, nor can you shade the darkness for others. Just enough.


Do not expect how many people treat you well. In fact, many times people are uninterested, they treat other things are not related to themselves. Know this life is too complicated, you follow the crowd can also die, leaving the crowd is also easy to die. Then have a group just enough with you, like family, like real friends, intimate ones. Do not follow the crowd, not alone.


Heavenly Palace awaits a balanced love, you discover that it’s almost a cross! Understand that love and justice are only in the clouds. Please return to the ground, if love must accept the injustice of love.


Every person has hundreds of looks, want to see a human, is really difficult. Human life is full of fluctuations as water flows in no shape, people or yourself may be changing, it may be becoming yourself.


There are times when the expression is hidden under the sweetness (like the apple) is evil and cruel. You should determine that you have a dream, there are also people who break your dreams, want to be a princess to eat poisonous apple. Want to find the prince to kiss hundreds of frogs. But no one eating poisonous apple and kissing frogs is a princess, do not think.


Parents are sometimes the ones who cut off their wings while they want the baby to fly high. To be a father, mother to listen and understand, do not impose your thoughts to illusory or want to be good for them.


I hugged the brick and did not hug you, because when I lowered the brick, I did not know what to feed you. Keep sharing with your loved ones, that you do this because of them, cherish the work you are doing.


You have to go ahead, because you have no way back! Take steps forward, of course, but be smart, because if you hurry and the more you shake, the faster it breaks down your pace.


Behind a successful man, it is certain that a woman has silently surrendered to him without asking for a response; Behind a laid-back woman, there are definitely 100 men who spoil her.


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