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The ” Fall” of life

Today, people talk about atta, suddenly, the intersection of I wake rumble, his life as a film to be back, as her opposite himself.

I was born the second child in the family (meaning “that Ba”). Not my dad because he is my brother – my brother is always the same, after me is the younger sister, but younger brother, he must be more pet. Orphaned from childhood, I was fortunate to have grandmother, grandfather taught from eating, living, walking, standing, happy even in a short time, a mother taught children to be human Be honest, do   not “fear nothing beyond the truth . ” But I think that I will live in the love of people.

12 years old, away from the Grandfather to the North, Mother back to prison and sent to the South from the Chi Hoa to Con Dao, Phu Quoc, Phu ru … Living in the collective of students in the South, I used to live with my inner self, known forgiveness for the bullying, insults, narrow, familiar to accept life without a family. Summer, Tet … you go home with my family, I stay with a few friends in the same scene. However, I do not know why, I always thought that life would be so easy, but still remembered a Russian proverb: living in a life like walking in a dry field.


Then, the injustice, the suffering began when I was a very young girl. There are more unfair than the unfairness of the City of Glass (Marketing is real nhé offline). Suffering, so desperate that it was time to let go of the river to drain the river swiftly flowing water, or rushed into a car running on the streets of Hanoi. But then I continue to live, continue to endure, continue to wonder surprise: may the life of the girl named Tu Ngoc this the same?

18 years, 28 years old, 38 years old, 48 years old … Also, many times, the same work, living together with the hardships have said that: like Tú Ngọc, it may have committed suicide long ago. In fact, that thought does not have as much stress in her mind as her strings. There is no blame for those who have made themselves extremely miserable. Do not blame those who have written the articles smear themselves publicly for several years. Just for two children are subjected to too harsh trials are not worth it. And in me, there is still only a feeling of surprise: the life of Tú Ngọc that or so?

After all, the scourge of 18 years is only a small matter compared to the following disasters, but through each trial, do not understand why, my heart is softer: not angry, not angry, but to love for Those who go all the time find the evil of others to hate, to beat, to bury people. That is why I live, living through these difficult years. Once in a while, you asked why I was smiling. see the face is laughing. I had an answer that made you think I was crazy: because this Emerald is always in everyone’s heart. That’s right, no exaggeration at all: with sincere friends, it is true that Tú Ngọc is in your heart, and there is no need to explain, do not explain, you still believe, still love people are “hit “To this. And those who hate themselves, not only have to leave their hearts, but in their heads day and night to find out what is bad to denounce, to smite, to smear. I love seeing them too much, wanting to laugh with them for them with the negative energies that still cloud the mind. Fortunately, now, these friends have become friends. Again, the disgusted face of Tu Ngoc not laughing, “cool”. I always want to bring joy, or at least peace, so have to laugh, and tears, just let go in the heart.

Also funny. In those years, the sky was still calm for a long time, I was worried again, do not know what terrible is coming soon?

When I was a principal, I was very upset and defended myself for loving people and hoping for better people. I am hot with colleagues, hot with sisters, brothers, hot with the leadership, hot tempered with the children that I spend my life to care, nourish. I think that I am good, my heart is good … But there are also good people really that the road is still open? The seed is sown immediately. I do good 1,000 times, once tempered, offensive personality of the thousand times that was forgotten, the rest is the resentment, anger of others. Having passed Le Thi Hong Gam, Marie Curie School, Technical Education School, where I have done many good things, leaving many good things. But what the teacher remembers is the times when they offended people. Love you, love you but you,speech data of me.

I’ve come back to school, apologize to each one, but what should I do, do not do things that thousands of apologies do not erase all the traces I caused

Remember the years, every morning to wake up, I worry whether today Sai Gon Liberation have forgiven me or not? Noon, look at my eyes to see, today my friends say something to hurt my heart? Even if I did not make a mistake, I knew that I was sowing my seeds through the heat. Sacrificing his life for me, he only remembered his mother’s anger, the times of his mother injustice, apathy … Until now, no wonder why I suffer so again.

After all, the NGAlost time not by yourself but by the life itself taught him, forged for himself. The weapon to fight with yourself is that which you and Grandma left for: kindness, honesty to yourself. Do not want to make people sad, have a liver look at their nature to find where they wrong and try to change their own people before asking others to understand and love you. The Fall fades away when I can see that I can lower myself to someone higher, can suffer a little if it makes the person a little happier, the Fall lost when the security The danger of others is just as important as the peace of oneself. Embracing a child who does not have enough limbs and labor to support himself, feel all the luck that life has given him, It is clear that what you have to experience is not a small part of what the unfortunate children are suffering. And at that moment, I have the power to let my ego become small and the burden of life is lighter – less than lightweight.

The past five months, Tú Ngọc today is over the age of 70 – no longer rare. It has also been explained why there is so much time, too much time that most of the time – most of it but not all, is AN INTRODUCTION .

Insecure, wondering to the closer to the ground, far from the sky a little green, has the power to send everyone a pure love to leave without worrying about Make someone bother? Is there enough peace to forget all the sadness to only keep a gratitude to life with him or not?

In the cold, gray West this winter, the Ngoc of Ngoc still misses the beloved country soaked in blood for thousands of years to keep the country calm, because the jade’s jade still remembers every friend who is Give him the strength to overcome all that needs to overcome to go to the end of the road to go.

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