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Did you know that all of the fresh water on Earth today has passed through the mouth of dinosaurs and is released into the urine?

Recently, scientists have published a shocking discovery: human sweetened drink is now a part … urine. The findings revealed in the Curious Mind program immediately caused a stir in public opinion.

Accordingly, there are about 13 billion tons of water on the Earth’s surface. Water penetrates the trees and living things. After the creatures die, water is released into the ground. 

Circulation of water on Earth

Through many processes, water evaporates into the atmosphere, turns into clouds and then rains. This period of recirculation has been stable for millions of years, so the amount of water on Earth is almost unchanged or decreasing in quantity. 
On the other hand, according to Charles Fishman, “water molecules are also very stable, they can be millions of years old.”

In the Middle Ages (lasting about 186 million years), dinosaurs were the dominant species on Earth. They master the planet so long that according to experts, every molecule of water on Earth was dinosaurs drink through, then discharged through the urine. 

Meanwhile, humans, although only existed for about 200,000 years. Therefore, the amount of water that people are drinking daily with the amount of water the dinosaurs drank and then released almost one. 

However, do not worry too much. As natural experts have pointed out, fresh water this day has a very high purity. 
That proves that nature is a very good filter. Over millions of years, dinosaur urine has been purified and eliminated from every odor to be suitable for human use today. 
Source: Dailymail

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