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So far, reverse osmosis is still regarded as the most advanced technology in the water purification industry, only the new “pass” through. Therefore, it is also called Hyberfiltration.
Reverse osmosis technology   is a water filtration technology using ultrafiltration membrane, 0.0001micron filter (filter to ion size, atom) to produce ultra pure water, applied in the following areas:
Production of bottled pure water
Re-use (refill) astronaut’s urine into drinking water on space stations
Run your relative
Purify seawater into fresh water …
Reverse osmosis filtration is the technology invented in the US, is defined as the most advanced water filtration technology in the world today.
What is reverse osmosis
Interpretation is a reverse osmosis process.
Accumulation is a natural phenomenon. Water always moves from low salt / mineral to higher concentration. The process takes place until the mineral concentrations from these two places are balanced.
In order to do the opposite (reverse osmosis), one uses a sufficient pressure to push the water back up from a high salt / mineral content through a special membrane to where there is no or less salt / more mineral.
RO membrane
A thin film made from Cellulose Acetate, Polyamide or TFC films with holes up to 0.001 microns. All these films are subject to high pressure but the pH and chlorine resistance are not the same.
With great speed and pressure, water flows continuously over the surface of the RO membrane. Some of the water molecules “pass” through the filter holes. Impurities are washed out and “waste” is removed. With this method, the surface of the RO membrane is continuously washed and has a life expectancy of 2 to 5 years.

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