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The most meaningful thing in this world is not where we are, but where we are going. 
Oliver Wendel Holmes

We all have a purpose to live for ourselves, no matter who we are or who we are. I really believe that each of us has a way in life, even though it took me thirty years to find what I longed for.

Looking back at what was past, I realized that my parents accidentally molded me into the me of today. For example, following my mother’s independence has given me the ability to dare to live in the future. After ten years working for a big bank in Wall Street and locking myself in the walls, there was a moment when I yelled, “That’s enough!” From the bottom of my heart, I know I can achieve more outstanding results.

One day, while reading a newspaper to find out if there was a new and challenging job opportunity on Wall Street, I was immediately attracted to Merrill Lynch ads. They are looking to recruit more stockbrokers, and the professional standards listed in it are clearly the ones I meet.

I was so excited, I called and arranged to meet one of the vice presidents in New York City. Unfortunately, on the day of appointment, I was again cold, fever up to 40 degrees and there is no risk of recovery. But I know that this is a golden opportunity and still determined to meet the vice president. We talked continuously for three and a half hours.

Since our conversation was quite informative and the length of the interview was long, I was so surprised and disappointed that he did not pick me up in that position and told me to meet twelve. Among the company’s top brokerage staff for further interviews. I think anyway that is a good sign.

In the five months that followed, I met these twelve people, and everyone tried to frustrate me by saying, “You better get back to your leisurely work eight hours a day at the bank,” ” You can not do this. “” Eighty percent of new people give up in the first year, “and” You have no investment experience. ” Inwardly, I felt like a dog in a panic, running, but I tried to make my face clear.

The last interview was set on a cold winter day, windy fierce. After just five minutes of interviewing, I realized that the vice president did not know what to do with me. It seems like I made a twenty-five page marketing plan with many worthwhile studies that exceeded his requirements, which did not make sense. And the fact that your best salespeople have a good impression of me does not help either.

At a moment when I knew that recklessness and courage would change my future forever, I looked straight into his eyes and said, “Sir, if you do not accept me, you will not. I know how I can help this company.

When I realized what I had just said, a chill ran down my spine, and I thought, “What the hell are you doing?

But what he said to me right away was like a piece of music: “Ok, I’ll accept you.” But before I could shake his hand and rush out to announce the good news to everyone, he added: “… with a condition.”

My heart stopped beating. “You have to stop working at the bank for two weeks today and sign up for our three-month training program, then take the brokerage certification exam and you must pass. just the first time. If I lose one point, it will not work for me! “I trembled like a leaf. My mouth suddenly dried. Never in my life found a glass of water like that. I remember thinking that I would lose everything if I failed the exam, which I heard was as difficult as an exam for lawyers. I swallowed hard and said sadly, “I accept.” My future has changed since that moment.

After passing the exam and getting a license to recognize myself as a stockbroker, I had to work for months, living on only commissions, eating pasta, peanut butter sandwiches and cereals. For many nights, I had to stay up late to find new clients. I usually leave the office in a tired and exhausted mood, I almost want to give up, but I do not know why I went back to office continued to work the next morning. It was an arduous start and during that time, I did not play or have any contact with anyone.

One of the hardest and most challenging parts of the stockbrokerage business is making a myriad of cold calls. Every day, we have to make calls to hundreds of potential customers – many of whom never knew us – to engage them in new business ventures. Refusal is normal in life and I have learned to not feel hurt by it. All is just a game with numbers only. The more I called, the more I opened the new account. Besides the cold calls, I have to spoil the customers too hot. This is not easy!

In the end, all my hardships are paid off. Less than four years ago, I became one of the best sellers of my branch and raised my personal sales to 1,700%. With trust and perseverance, I built and managed multi-million dollar investment portfolios for US clients. This has enabled me to appear on the cover of the Career and Disability magazine, on CNN and in many other newspapers, including the New York Times. All these successes have earned me a high income, an important place in the prestigious Merrill Lynch Club Executive Committee and many sales awards.

By the end of my fourth year at Merrill Lynch, I felt depressed and mentally down. I have been thinking a lot about my goals and where to go.

I begged God to point me in the right direction. The reminder reminded me of the times when I was speaking to hundreds of people, when I was a university classmate and a few years later, when I won the first prize in the “Jokes” contest. I realized that each time I was going to talk to someone, I was inspired by the experience with the wonderful, intense, peaceful, wonderful emotions that anything I did was not comparable. . Naturally I realized that God gave me a skill of speaking in public so that I could make a difference and help change the lives of many.

After weighing my options, I decided to take the risk again. I give up everything, including profitable investments, to do another job that I feel is more satisfying: a speaker who inspires people. A lot of people, including my parents, thought I was crazy. They said, “It was an illusory dream, because it was not real.” I did not care what they said, and now it is.

The beginning of my journey to the profession of speeches is strangely similar to what I experienced at Merrill Lynch. Once again I ate pasta, sandwiches with peanut butter and cereals. Sometimes I only have a few dollars in my pocket and eat only one meal a day. If anyone eats this type, the food industry must go out of business. To save money, instead of going around the city by subway, I just walk or ride a bike. The taxi driver who has lost is also because of me.

Meanwhile, to pursue my dream, I worked hard to create a personal message that reflected all my experiences in the financial world and inspired people to live the best.

Nothing in this world can be like the feeling of satisfaction in me when thousands of people say that I helped them to change their lives by motivating them to take risks and make the necessary changes.

The essence of this message is: “If I can do it, you can do it.” What makes us more fulfilled? And I ask it because I am a deaf person!

 Stephen Hopson
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