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 Happiness is the absence of disobedience, and it is this which decides for happiness to be present, not external values. So by the growth of the mind, we easily master all problems related to suffering and happiness.

In every human being, everyone has a huge amount of happiness, no matter what the circumstances, it does not disappear. But since we do not know how to identify happiness, we must suffer.
So everyone’s happiness is here, if we recognize it. It is just like the Buddha told a story in the Lotus Sutra that there is a Wandering Wanderer living in poverty, without knowing that there is a jewel in his pocket. price. And one day, when the same guy found his precious jewel, then he became the head of the rich rich.
And we too, the problem is to have a way to help us to identify our happiness, to let us see how beautiful and meaningful this life is. Therefore, happiness or suffering is in our control, and let us step forward to receive our happiness.

 So what is happiness?

Happiness is the absence of disobedience, and it is this which decides for happiness to be present, not external values. So by the growth of the mind, we easily master all problems related to suffering and happiness.

For happiness comes from suffering, and suffering comes from the happiness of the body. In other words, when we enjoy pleasurable life, then it will make us suffer. And suffering itself makes the material of happiness.

And it’s like bamboo leaves in the woods, which the skilled craftsman knows how to use it, to create a cozy home for himself. So we have to be patient and skillful, to make our sufferings a source of joy and happiness for life. And through that, we also see how beautiful this life is, and how thrilling it is.

So when it comes to the happiness that is present in us, at the same time we know immediately that suffering will also be there. The problem here is that ordinary happiness is the only thing, not the eternal happiness of nirvana.

So suffering and happiness are two.

That is when we perceive it on two different levels. The first is due to the circumstances of life, and the second is due to its own line of thought. Because we often “blame the circumstances” outside, from love to the material has made us happy sadness. Just as we often think too much about being sick.

Thus, for the enlightened, they will know the first suffering, which is derived from the second suffering. But for most people, they think that they are suffering, because of the circumstances. For suffering caused by circumstances is life form, attached to our material needs, hobbies and love affections. And it always has an impact on our spirit, according to two joyful episodes, sad, happy, angry, fluttering.

And when this life is full, but we live without love, and understanding and understanding are also unhappy. Because when you close the door to the heart, then know what is the cool moon wind calm pleasure in life. But the human heart is always opposed to the amount of material that it possesses. Because when you “have” is when you have to bother to keep it tired want to always.

Therefore, for the majority of ordinary people mistakenly believe that the suffering of this life is caused by the circumstances of life. And that is the biggest mistake, as we go around on the mud of our own lives. The truth is that suffering is rooted in one’s spirit. Because you have to be “human, you will triumph.” It means that if you solve your mental problems, you will change the difficulty of your life. However, the problem may be the opposite.

So all the people in the world are suffering, for money, love, prison, death, fame, and lust. Since we ” feel ” about such needs, beyond our own biological needs, we will always be bogged down in it. And the ” feeling ” that is greed, anger, delusion, doubt, wrong view that blind, will always suffer death.

So try to identify the suffering in your mind as a disease. And we have to go to the pharmacy, to heal yourself, from the material is suffering. And when that remedy is working, then we just go ahead.

So in our normal lives, in terms of living conditions, we need to study and work, to operate in accordance with the norms of society. And through that we will make a lot of material possessions, so that we can have a full life with our own abilities. And we must also accept that life is so happy.

This does not mean that you “go back” without striving anymore. But when you have the material life outside, then you spend time for your soul to go. The so-called happiness created by the five elements is very short compared to the happiness in the creative love of the spirit.

But we have to admit that the happiness of the five desires is also very necessary. Since it’s not natural to have one, we have to struggle all our lives to get this career. Because we study and work scientifically, as well as live in harmony with nature. We have to know how to protect our health, and also to entertain the mind. We live without strangers, because radical thinking is okay. However, we must also try to identify what the true happiness in life is, so we live as a person who will have nothing to regret.

Actually the search for happiness in the circumstances of life is only temporary. Since life is always changing, we must constantly deal with it to live like this. And if you just “fight” with the outside situation, it’s not enough for your happiness. So there is no other way than to be “fighting” with your inner being again.

So facing ourselves, it also means that we have to face suffering. And why do we suffer? And if you answer that question, you know how to transform that suffering material into happiness.

So suffering is due to our misconceptions about things, and our circumstances of life. Because these two couples together make this form of life. But both are impermanent. Because time and things are always rolling together, like the whirlwinds of life in a terrible way. And since it always changes impermanence and disappears, we are suffering. We think it is permanent, it is true, it is real, so when it is gone, we desperately want to die with it.

And with that realization, we can not understand the endless stream of thoughts that we have. So we see it is so blind, and the panic does not know where it is. Then we keep thinking about the disease. And when this mental illness comes, we realize that life is meaningless.

So you have to realize that it is the endless stream of thoughts in your head that is the source of happiness and suffering, from which you will know how to choose the right attitude to live happily. And if you find happiness, then you will find your life too happy too.

So, you have to practice how, so that the spirit has the ability to elastic elastic highest, through the inevitable tragedy of life. And when you are in tragedy, then you have to do “put down” the ambition to take possession of yourself, then you will pass. And then you will receive its worthy reward, no hole whatsoever.

But it is important that you focus your attention on the person, so you will have a way to solve it difficult. Because you have to understand the “feeling” of others. So in the affair should not be “forced” too, even if you have used a lot of material auxiliary methods to achieve it, should not overdo it.

So you know that people come together to have a charm, and if the coast is not enough. And you know that is not to comfort, but to understand the nature of the problem is so. And if it hurts you, it will make you more mature.

But to transform suffering into happiness, it’s not just how much. Because of our unconscious thoughts, there is no end in us, so in any living situation, you also need to take the time to examine your spirit. And if you find it difficult, find a teacher who teaches you to be clearer.

And why do we suffer so long? It is because we always go between two real and false values, forever. Because if you realize your life is real, all the rest of this world is fake. And from that you have come to understand that your ” letting go ” is to save our miserable lives, not to make it worse. Because of the problem of losing or remaining here, is our ” will to cling “, not material. And you leave the “clinging will” that everything will pass, that block of material is still there but lost.

When you put down the “grasp” you will be free, and from here you have found the meaning of this life, more than the attraction of the mass of the other. That means your head, will not take you far beyond this reality. Because when you think fake, then of course you are living fake. Now that you think about what you see here, you’ve already lived. So be glad to receive it, in this momentous moment.

As a matter of fact, you have to know about it, so it’s worth your while. The mad people are in pain, because they do not know anything. Or like a baby you give him a piece of gold, and a cake. But if it receives the cake, and if it does not know what the gold is worth, it becomes meaningless. And so is happiness, it is in you that you do not see, then of course it is suffering.

So we can say that everything is only worth when you know how to use all its value. In other words, things are just objective values, in how people use them. As well as that, but many will perceive and use it differently, then it will also have different values ​​accordingly.

So if you have a strong spirit out of the gravitational pull of matter, you will grasp this ” value table ” for yourself. And in today’s ever-changing everyday life, you will be able to fall into many different situations. But now you have the “value table” in your hand, then you take it out to suit every situation is complete.

And so in your life when you see what is beautiful and meaningful too. So you will be happy as you dream of it.

So we need to realize that suffering also has its value, if we know to use it as material to create happiness. Because suffering is sometimes beautiful and pride like a flower, hatches silently in the dark. It can therefore outperform trivial joys. Because it has the power to purify the spirit is very wonderful. So genuine suffering from the mind, it is always worth more than the usual joy of losing small.

So do not take trivial joys to soothe the mass of suffering, as a regular righteous solution, which further aggravates suffering. Take it as an ancillary method to bandage the wound. The key is you must know the right medicine. And when the disease is over then happiness will appear fragrant region. And it is now that you have found the precious jewel in your pocket …

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