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Swimming is the most complete sport to develop the body in a comprehensive, balanced, perfect way, help increase height quickly, prevent some diseases such as scoliosis, thin, , insomnia, some cardiovascular diseases, diseases due to lack of exercise, is a simple massage that effective …

To swim is not difficult, but to swim properly and promote all the benefits of swimming is not simple, if we do not have perseverance, passion and a method of practice. learn to be original.

Get used to water

Before practicing, you should jump the rope, start by flexing the joints, muscles or running a few rounds of body heat (do not run around the pool because it is very smooth and easy to make. you fall). Then, you bathe and step down as shown below

I. Way down and up the pool:

1. Down by hand:


2. Way down and up by ladder

3. How to get down to the tank and get to the shore when there are no stairs or handles:

a) Way down:

b) Way up:

II. Holding the breath under the water:

This is very important, because if the learner does not know how to hold his breath and lie on the water and surf, he can not swim. Hold your breath under water (As long as possible, posture as shown), hold your breath for at least 10-20 seconds (counting).
Take in the tank wall, take a deep breath, sit down, head in water, hold the breath as long as possible.

III. Inhalation, underwater breathing:

How to breathe while swimming differently on the shore. You need to practice it many times.

1. Fill the tank walls or knees, fold the face down, water “blow” all air, expose the air to bubbles in the water (exhalation). Then, raise your head up or tilt your head to one side of your mouth (inhale) with your mouth and nose (mainly with your mouth, avoiding water in your nose).

2. Grab the wall of the tank, up and down repeatedly, continuously (bubbling blowing bubbles out, rising to open mouth open breath).

IV. Floating people:

1. Water level across the abdomen, take a deep breath and hold your breath, sit down with a pillow, circle as an egg. At first the person will sink, but slowly the body will rise up.

2. When the person stands up, you stretch your arms and legs straight out like a board. And when you’re out of breath, you shrink back and stand up.

V. Water Surfing:

This is a very important move. To do this, learning to swim is easy and successful.

1. Deep water or abdominal water level:

– Head on the wall of the tank, inhale, hold the breath:
+ Hold your hand forward.
+ Two hands close to the two ears, shrinking two shoulders forming the spike (less water resistance)

2. face down:

– The person is leaning forward.
– Put your butt up, high two feet up.

3. Stafbing the tank wall. Express yourself forward. Straighten your legs.

4. Body is straight, glides gently on the water.

VI. Stand up:

– When you are surfing, want to stand.
– Have your legs in front of your chest. Pull your hands back. Sprinkle water from front to back with both hands.
– Then balance, straight up (easy).


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