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Sauna is a very effective therapy in health care and beauty applied from ancient times to now.

The precious benefits of sauna 

TPO – Sauna is a very effective therapy in health care and beauty applied from ancient times to now.

However, many people still hesitate because of the cumbersome way to find the leaf and prepare the cooker. With the introduction of compact electric steamers in recent times, home saunaing is becoming easier than ever.




Sauna with health and beauty

Steam therapy with essential oils has been used by the East for thousands of years. For example, when the sun goes down to the sky, it is infected or aches, just a handful of essential oils such as citronella, lemon, grapefruit, mint … around the garden is to get a pot of water steamed cuckoo steam. However, this is not our own, but also Western medicine has used this therapy to prevent illness, reduce fatigue stress and beauty care.

Steam boosts blood vessels, stimulates blood circulation and promotes the release of toxins from the body through sweat. Essential oils in water help to disinfect the upper respiratory tract, feeling relief, refreshing, nasal congestion … Thus, sauna helps the body reduce fatigue, reduce joint muscle pain and restore health. After a hard day’s work. Symptoms of cold, stuffy nose also significantly reduced. Saunas also support the treatment of allergic rhinitis and sinusitis.

In beauty, sauna is an effective and cost-effective remedy. During the steam bath, the pores expand, expel the debris, help the skin clear acne and stimulate collagen formation, making the skin smooth and beautiful. In addition, the essential oils used in saunas will help heal wounds, keep skin healthy. The beauty of the skin is even more exerted if the massage and the cream after the sauna.

Convenient with Rosabela sauna


Apparently, sausages always have very good effects on both health and beauty. But by the time, due to the preparation is quite complex, boiling water leaves seemingly only in the countryside many trees. City residents only access this method at the spa, with oil extracts and modern machinery, but effective but very expensive.

The Rosabela Steamer is researched and made into a compact and smart nebulizer, which makes it possible for every family to do it at home. Immediately after the power plug, the machine was able to start spraying the steam professionally.

Combined with natural oils, Rosabela will help you to have a “spa center” health care and beauty effects. For example, to cure cold symptoms, headaches, you can add essential oils such as mint, eucalyptus, cloves, lemon grass, grapefruit, lemon, rosemary and rosemary. containing mixtures of components above). For treatment of nasal congestion, sinusitis, rhinitis and headache, you can use hot oils such as lemon eucalyptus, rosemary, rosemary, peppermint or Rosabela Sinusitis Relief for sinusitis. Or Rosabela for Refresh helps reduce stress, relieve muscle tension and aches and pains; Rosabela for Beauty with Rose essential oil for beauty treatment, etc.

For effective sauna

With Rosabela, sauna can be made more easily. However, this therapy always has little “rules” to achieve the best effect.

Fever for 5 to 10 minutes, avoid steaming for too long will cause the body to dehydrate and counteract. Cleanse your face and body thoroughly before using it, using a dry cloth to wipe off sweat during and after the treatment.

After steaming, drink a glass of ginger tea, lemon juice or a glass of warm water to keep the body refreshed and not dehydrated, avoid the use of chilled water, ice. Absolutely not to be bathed, whether it is warm or cold water.

For normal people, only steat 2 – 3 times a week. Older people with weakened weakness, severe illness, high fever, seizures due to infection, infection of the infection, pregnant women should not arbitrarily sauna without the doctor’s instructions.

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