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Stick to what is known and familiar

When you stop learning, you also officially stop living meaningfully.

When you dare to take risks, life will be much more enjoyable. Photo: Inmagine.

Try to absorb new things, try to apply them; If you are not comfortable to fully accept the too radical things, just look at them positively and approaching the level of familiarity is not going to harm you, but they also help you. self growth. The richness of life is not always reflected in the familiar areas, the narrow limits that you always enclose in it for safety. Life is full of fun and exciting when you venture out, step out of your calm boundary to explore and explore yourself.

Even so, stay tuned and not dissolve, it’s how you retain your core values ​​when you open your heart and soul again to see the world. Your worldview and viewpoint will be more stable and mature if you know how to look at things from different angles. Do not hesitate to challenge yourself to expand your knowledge base. That way, you will discover and experience more and more the miracles of life. 

Skip the balance between work and rest

Taking time off is a must. In life, human performance is optimal when there is a balance between active focus and relaxation and self-replication. This is not the theory we have come to think of ourselves, but the law of nature, the human body designed to work in short distances, and requires a periodic reconstruction of the whole. spirit and spirit. In other words, to achieve success in life in the long run, you need to design a work schedule based on the principle of: doing – doing – taking – resting … Even in short – term goals, this principle stays true. You may think that you will take longer to reach the destination.

It’s simply a matter of balancing life – balancing work and leisure, between work and family, between perfection of accomplishment and allowing for some unfinished work … There is no balance, Everything will fall apart and fall apart. For example, when you put your career (or your social life, or your family) first, occupy all your energy and concentration all the time, you will soon realize the other important things in life. Your life will gradually degrade and leave you. 

In short, in life there may be something more attractive and important than the other, but you always need to balance them with other important things in life to keep your life balanced. It is a place to relax between stressful working hours (whether it is a company or a job).

Balance between action and rest is the key to keeping your life balanced. Photo: Inmagine.

3- Always choose the path of thorns.

You need the brains to do what you have to do, even if it takes a lot of time. You need to be brave to survive in adversity when giving up is too easy. You have to be brave to be able to be polite with people who are not polite with you. You need to be brave to tell the truth when the lie can help you to find out how much trouble. You also need to sacrifice your immediate interests for long-term goals. And you also need to be brave against the temptations and traps of life. 

Yes, you need strength and skill to do all that. But do not worry, you do not spend your brains on the contrary to make yourself stronger when choosing the right but harder to solve things.

Be honest and do what you think is right, try when necessary and always step forward. Train your brains every day, so you can live stronger day by day. 

Living with daily boredom

Do not live with disappointment, turn them into the sidelines of your life. You can not change what happened, but you can use it to make yourself stronger and more energetic. The journey of spiritual maturity requires that you evaluate the events of your life to find your own wisdom and purpose.

Human life is a time period regulated by heaven and earth, and it is only life when you know your time. When the memories of pain, fear and boredom in you stop aching and hurt yourself, your mind shouted: “Enough!” That is the turning point for your life to page, a new chapter of success and happiness. 

So close the door of the past today to open the door of the future, with a deep breath and step forward to open up a new stage of life. 

5- Obsessed with pain

Pain is a part of life, contributing to our being, just like love and laughter. You do not have to forget what happened in the past, but do not let it ruin you. Conquering the pain is the way to conquer yourself. 

People say “heroic time”, but sometimes it is difficult to overcome the “time” to become “heroes.” In these times, use your kindness, meditate on hope and ease with yourself – at least until you see the light at the end of the tunnel. Then step on confidently with the thought that you will be stronger with each step beyond yourself.

But do not hurry to run away from your pain, step by step, one step at a time, you will soon overcome your present troubles, where is it? 

6. Omission passion

As your body’s reaction to food, spirit, mind and soul you also need to be nurtured. You will do it when you enjoy your passion. Because you can really lose yourself in what you love so you will find yourself there.

Let’s walk with passion, not the usual boredom. Photo: Inmagine.

Real life is when you are living with the passion, find and conquer yourself in the fields you love, to make dreams come true. So, never let the reality of your passion and passion go away, maybe at this moment you can not devote yourself to it, but keep it with you, keep it Your passion and passion is one of the most important goals in your life. 

Waiting for a miracle

Dreams are a different concept to the dream, you can not keep your eyes on the dream, and dreams are formed for you to make it happen by acting.

There is a clear difference between a successful person and a person engulfed in dreams of a bright future. In other words, there will be no miraculous or miracle plants to help you make dreams come true, you can only achieve them by your own labor.


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